$3.75 - $4.75 per pack - 2 pack of 100% lamb pepperoni meat stick pepperettes (15-20 g packs)

$10.00 for 6 packs

Sheep Milk plain & Chive with Pepper Cream Cheese

Speciality Cheeses Kingston Ontario


100% Lamb meat plain burger patties for sale 2 pack $10.00

4 pack $19.00, ground lamb also aviable in cyrovac packaging for your convenience

Lamb sausages kingston ontario 

$12.50 - $14.00 pack of 3 pack or 4 $15.00

Donair flavour (spicy, gluten free)

Farmers morning sausage, mild Italian, and honey garlic in

cyrovac packaging for your convenience

Sheep Milk Feta Speciality Cheeses Kingston Ontario


Sheep Milk Cheeses For Sale Kingston Ontario 

Sheep Milk Yogurt, Feta, 

Lamb Chops, Sausages, Patties, Pepperoni Plus

For Our Fresh & Frozen Produce Click Here 

Sheep Milk Plain Yogurt 

SpecialityYogurt Kingston Ontario

$5.00 per 250ml

Lamb burger chili. 1 liters available

fresh or frozen $10.00 per jar. Just heat and serve.

Lamb burger stew. 1 liters available fresh or frozen $10.00 per jar. Just heat and serve.

Sheep Milk Gouda Style Cheese

Speciality Cheeses Kingston Ontario

Price $0.11 per gram

Microgreens & seeds at the farm

pre grown small container in our aged sheep manure $5.75 each or $5.50 grow your own kits. ea shoots shoots, sunflower shoots, radish sprouts. Contact us to order large pea shoot flats $17.00 each. Seeds also available in 1 pound bags

    Grass fed antibiotic and hormone free Kingston Ontario lamb chops, comes 

 in cyrovac packaging for your convenience


Fresh farm organic free range eggs Kingston Ontario

farm gate eggs available for purchase 

$5.00 per dozen

​​The Sheep

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