Natural Soap and Beauty Skin Care Supplies Price List Kingston Ontario


245 grams $10.00

Cocoa Butter

120 grams $10.00

Shea Butter

120 gram $6.00

Coconut Oil

250 ml jar $6.00

Fractionated Coconut Oil

250 ml jar $10.00


125 gram $8.00

Soya Wax

125 gram $4.00

Potassium Sorbate

50 grams $3.00

Stearic Acid

50 grams$4.00

Citric Acid

100 grams $4.00

Bentonite Clay

50 grams $4.00

Homemade DIY Natural Skin Care Supplies Packaging Farm Store Kingston Ontario

Container provided or Bring Your Own

For The Natural Beginner More To Come

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Price List Below

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Refillable reusable containers Kingston