The Sheep Shelf 2018 Farmers Market List In the
Kingston Ontario Area
Find me at Kingston Ontario 
Memorial Center Farmers Market Sundays
from 9am-2pm

Visit back for additional spring & summer market locations 

​​Join me at the Kingston Ontario Area Farmers

Markets - at my table

you will find seasonal and my most popular items from my

Sheep Farm in Yarker Ontario such as:

Lamb Meats (View our price list)

Goat/Sheep Milk Cheeses and Diary (View our price list)

Skin Care (view our products and price list)

Lamb Burger Chili 

               available in 1 litters all year round

Chili nachos with feta are served for lunch every Sunday!

Goat with Sheep Milk cream cheese, feta, and yogurt (seasonal)

Sheep Milk & Lanolin face cream, body lotion, body balm, sun balm

deodorant,  body washes, scent free soap,

 lip balm, and more

Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, Sheep Lard Candles and more

Corn on the cob and produce (seasonal) 

Microgreens - edible pea shoots, sunflower shoots, radish shoots and more,